Happy Clients


SPARK, GP’s Regional Business Incubator, has been very successful over the past year and a half in coaching and incubating new business start-ups.  SPARK has become a key resource in the community: it is all about nurturing new ideas, streamlining the mechanics & logistics of creating a new start-up, and growing the businesses into a profitable venture.

SPARK is proof that grassroots business development is a key driver of economic development in the region, and how it demonstrates the importance of Moving Innovations Forward to create new opportunities and wealth in the community.     

Bob Hall, Technology Development Advisor, Alberta Innovates

Elkan Environmental Engineering moved into the Spark incubator in March 2017.  This was an amazing transition for us. All of the staff we're fabulous and extremely supportive in our development and growth. by October 2018, we were ready to move into an office in Grande Prairie. We are now happily situated in our new office. With the support of the Spark incubator, we feel that we were able to do this so much faster. Thanks, Spark!

Rhonda Hewko, Elkan Environmental Engineering


"Whether you think you can, or think you can't--you're right."

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company